Why send a message?

If there is one common thread among humans, it’s our desire to help others in times of need. But this crisis is different, without being able to leave our homes or interact with others, our ability to help is drastically limited. At the NIH Federal Credit union, we serve the healthcare and biomedical communities which has made this even more difficult. The people we are used to interacting with at our branches, over the phone and online are the people who are fighting this virus everyday. They need help the most, but are the most difficult to help. We wanted to come up with a way to help these amazing people as they make sacrifices for the rest of us. A way where we could show them how grateful we are and how much we appreciate their sacrifices.

The idea for SendaMessageofHope.com came while watching a news interview with a doctor. At the end of the interview, the doctor was asked, what do you need more than anything right now? His answer became the inspiration for this website. He said “what all healthcare workers could use right now is a little hope”. Hope! Suddenly, we had our answer. Hope is something we can do! Hope doesn’t require leaving the house or risking exposure. So we assembled a team, built a website, and now we’re asking you to do your part by taking a few minutes of your time to send our brave healthcare workers a message of hope.

It doesn't matter what your message is, it can be a heartfelt video, a photo of your kid’s best work of art or a song you wrote in tribute. Any message of hope, is a great message of hope. It’s your way of showing those that care for you, that we all care for them. So please, take a moment to share a little hope with those that need it most.

As your messages come in, we will share the site with hospitals, healthcare clinics and other individuals everywhere. When frontline workers take a 5-minute break to grab a snack, or when they get home exhausted at the end of a difficult shift, they can visit the site and get a big dose of hope from all of us.

So why send a message? It’s simple. It’s what we can do. It’s our little way of saying thank you. It’s our way to give healthcare workers something they desperately need right now… a little hope.

Thank you,

Rick Wieczorek
President and CEO
NIH Federal Credit Union